"Juras projekts" LLC won the tender for designing "Restoration of the Northern breakwater of Ventspils Freeport". "CHR Design Solutions" LLC was responsible for work organization project design. Project design was started in February 2018 and was completed in December 2018.

Northern breakwater of Ventspils Freeport is 1522 m long.

The main tasks to be carried out are:

  • replenishment of tetrapods on breakwater - 2150 units of 5t and 855 units of 13t tetrapods;
  • addition of 220 concrete cubes weighing 45 tons each;
  • installation of sheet pile walls with a total length of 231m;
  • sealing of the mole facade walls;
  • filling concrete in the mole cavities that have formed gradually due to rinsing and settlement;
  • dismantlement of ~900m long concrete channel;
  • construction of ~900m long 4.1-6.3m wide asphalt driveway.

Construction works are set to start this spring and planned construction time is 20 months. Total cost of construction works is just shy of €13 million. Since construction works have not yet started, we offer an insight in current situation from different points of view in project gallery below.